Using yesterdays` stories, images and designs to make them new and “cool” again, is what makes us look again, and say: “JISTERDAY!!( Jislaaik, that was our fabulous yesterdays)”

How it all started

As a Graphic Designer, I have always been interested in house brands designs as a true art form. Andy Warhol was the first artist in the Pop Art era that used brands as an inspiration – his “Campbell Soup” screen prints became one of his most famous works. I was privileged to see all his work in Chicago during the 80`s and his work and philosophy has always stayed with me.

I love the way brands form part of our daily life and remind us of familiar commodities and make us feel good. So I started making these ranges seven years ago.  All the products are hand made with a vintage feel and I employ women from the community as we grow.

I mainly focus on the older brands which evoke fond memories and nostalgia of our parents, grandparents and our own growing up years. The smiles and stories people tell when they see these coasters and signs are priceless and they love to share their roots with family and friends.

My own journey of buying and researching the food products for the house brand range, then reworking them, gave me as much joy as the people buying them.  Later, I visited my uncle`s old car museum and that took me on a garage and car signs trip which also became a range. I started studying vintage cars, joined the Petrol heads gang and even sell my signs at various Old Car Shows.

I co- illustrated six African Design Books twelve years ago to pass on that information as part of our heritage. After that, I realized our South African traditions also need to be kept alive and hunted down our old Afrikaans Songs and Volkspele for a “Trekker Treffer” range of products. The idea behind this is to expose the younger generation to these old songs in a fun way.

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