Jisterdays experience at The Knysna Classic Car Show

May 4, 2016







Sunday the first of May was not a normal day for us at The Jisterday headquarters, we got up early to pack the proverbial bakkie for our stand at The Knysna Classic Car Show.

Almost a month’s hard work, long hours and preparation went into giving the car enthusiasts the perfect gifts to decorate their garages and houses. Apart from our usual classic car, vintage garages and man cave signs we made special steel parking signs and limited edition coasters for all the different car manufactures ranging from classic triumph and Alfa Ramero to supercars like Ferrari and Lamborghini and everything in between.  The designs drew the attention of passionate car enthusiasts from far and wide and it was truly spectacular to witness them indulging themselves with our parking signs, coasters and various other trinkets.


The Car Show was really amazing this year; it was my first year working for Zandra Klapwijk also being my first year working  for the Jisterday stand at the Knysna Classic Car Show. I genuinely had a wonderful time working alongside Zandra ,( being a car guy myself.) In between shifts I found myself captivated by cars for several moments, appreciating the attention to detail and, overall, the vast variety the show had to offer. The food stands were also something to behold, (being a foodie myself!)  I would seriously advise food lovers out there to try out the German Wurst rolls at next  years show.


 All in all the show was nothing short of breathtaking. From the subtle air of cheeky competitiveness  amongst the car enthusiasts  and witnessing their tongue-in-cheek humour-whilst still in good taste.  Beholding the glorious display the various car manufacturers so proudly put to show. To spot more than one youngster teaching dad a thing or two about cars was truly refreshing. The absolute raw passion the car owners had for their prized possessions and baring witness to the rare gems of the car world such as the Mercedes Bens 300 SL Gulwing and a convertible v12 Jaguar e-type. People travel from far and wide in South Africa to showcase their vehicles and, naturally, to view the cars on display in all of their glory and I totally understand as to why. The exhilarating atmosphere brought on by the scent of gorgeous leather seats, the smell of gasoline the glint of a smooth finish brings forth an almost primal and visceral excitement in all car lovers alike.


On behalf of Jisterday, Zandra and myself I would like to thank the organizers of the Knysna Classic Car Show for putting together such an A-Class event. There is no doubt that we will be back and bigger than ever at next  years  Show. With new and upcoming products and, of course newly inspired car related goodies. We would also like to thank everyone we encountered for the warm and welcoming feedback we received and the genuine conversation we had with our vibrant customers.                                            


I’d like to take this opportunity to encourage all the customers and car clubs who enquired about the custom work we do as well as the deliveries, to follow up with us as we are always more than willing to help out


Thank you again for the encouraging support and continuous inspiration, we look forward to hearing from new fresh faced clients and next years epic  Knysna Classic Car Show.    

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